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COMM 151
Christopher Miners

lecture notes 14012013 100200 AM Week 2Job performance extent to which an employee helps an organization to succeed3 dimensions task performanceextent to which you succeed if the task is assigned to you Organizational citizen behaviour OCBConcerns activities that are not apart of your job descriptionActivities that help the organization succeed ex dont have to help others but I choose too Counterproductive work behaviourChose activity that actively harm the organizationEx show up late leave early steal suppliesWilful destruction High level to low level of each dimension 3 types of managerstask performance dominantcounterproductive performance dominanttask and counterproductive performance weighed equallywho are the strongest performersindividuals who score high on IQ tests volume and speedindividuals who score high on EI testseffective communicationrelationshipsconscientious individuals planning and hard workingextraverts sales jobs managerialfriendliness weaker relation than aforementioned Pay systemspiece rate Is the most powerful source of motivation when tied to performance Benefits increased productivity decreased turnoverPotential Problems lower quality product differential opportunitydont have the same opportunity to produce at a high rate due to equipmentReduced cooperation amongst employeesIncompatible job designRestriction of productivity not really used now outdatedMerit pay BenefitsWork harder so its recognized Potential problemsLow discrimination rating scale 15 and single paragraph not enough to distinguish amongst employee hard to determine who works harderEnd up being equal pay but not fairSmall increases ask for a lot give little in returnPay secrecy people dont know how much others earn its privateWeek 3Distributive fairnessProcedural fairnessWeek 4 Stressorspotential to cause stress Stress reaction to a stressor Stress outcomes psychological psychological and behavioural consequences of stress Why experience stressPeople have important goals stress is a response to experienced threats to those goalsStress occurs wen threats overwhelm personal resources Effort risk social factors all contribute to stressWeek 5The big 5 level one 1 trait does not affect level in other traitPersonality come out in weak situations more than weak situations because in strong situations there are clear expectation and social pressures In weak situations you can tell someones personality because the pressures dont exist fit is what it comes do find a job that fits your personalityself monitoring use social cues to guide own behaviour like bill Clintonlocus of control concerns the attributed they make to what control their behaviour people with high external locus of control behaviour is determined by fate luck anything other than themselves high internal behaviour is determined by themselves through free will and self initiativehigher level of job performance salary and occupy senior positionswho deal with stress better High internal locus of control they believe its in their power to change their circumstancesSelf esteem How much you like yourself Low self esteem more susceptible to external influence Unsure of own attitude own belief look fro others for confirmation Good at behaviour modelling learning by seeing Respond poorly to negative feedbackWeek 6 Personality traits Can stable personality change Openness goes down as you get older Conscientiousness goes up as you get older more motivation because you have more responsibilities Agreeableness slowly increases as you get older Neuroticism decreases along women men stay stable
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