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1 Body colourIn the beginning our subjects skin color was light yellow throughout However after several minutes of exercise we started to notice the skin tone on his face was paler than before and the skin color and his legs and arms were slightly pink These changes contribute to the maintenance of homeostasis in the body because since the subject is moving vigorously during exercise blood flow is significantly allocated towards the muscles being used as supposed to other areas This is because the increased blood flow helps provide the necessary nutrients and increased levels of oxygen to the muscles that are being used so that they can continue to function out of their normal rangePerspiration level In the beginning our subject had a perspiration level of zero but as the time of exercise progressed his levels of perspiration began to increase These changes contribute to the maintenance of homeostasis as our bodies have the ability to combat the heat stress that occurs during exercise One of the best ways that this is achieved is through sweating or perspiration This i
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