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COMM 163
Yuri Levin

BDM Sept 21st Notebook: 163 Created: 21/09/2011 11:29 AM Updated: 21/09/2011 12:49 PM Chez Piggy: model: trying to find optimal staffing policy for lowest cost decision variables: start day of each staff (because each staff works 5 consecutive days)? - xi = # of people to start on day i, i = 1.....7 M Tu W Th F Sa Su M x x x x x Tu x x x x x W x x x x x Th x x x x x F x x x x x Sa x x x x x Su x x x x x M Tu W Th F Sa Su M x x x x x x x Tu x x x x x x x W x x x x x x x Th x x x x x x x F x x x x x x x Sa x x x x x x x Su x x x x x x x Objective: minimize cost = minimize total hours worked, which is equivalent to total number of people employed = sum of people in xi - because everyone is paid the same constraints: i. daily minimum hours requirement monday: 6(xi+x4+x5+x6+x7) >= 150 .... Thursday: 6(xi+x2+x3+x4+x7) >= 300 Friday: 6(xi+x2+x3+x4+x5) >= 500 Sensitivity analysis (DTERM) Changes in objective coefficient - feasible region remains the same - the optimal solution can change (changes to the slope of the iso-profit line) - an optimal solution may or may not change "Variable cells table" - if the opt. value of a decision variable is >0, then the reduced cost = 0 - the opt. value of a decision variable = 0, then red. cost. - reduced cost is the change in objective value, in case you make 1 unit of this product changes in RHS values - feasible region may change (old optimal solution may no longer by feasible = new opt solution "Constraints" table shadow price: (67.14... and 2.857...) - change in objective value that corresponds to unit change in the RHS value - can
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