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Lecture 6

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COMM 190
Tracy Jenkin

Week 6 Class 11: ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning 1. Functions drive the business: -purchasing -warehouse -accounting 2. Processes drive the business -order to cash -procure to pay -recruit to hire -purchasing -warehouse -accounting Info systems can help support a process orientation---> SAP. IT interaction model and the idea of FIT Generic order to cash process: 1. Customer inquiry 2. Quotation 3. Customer purchase order 4. Sales order 5. Picking document 6. Packing list 7. Invoice 8. Payment Week 6 Class 12 Information technology business value business process analysis (ITBV BPA) 1. Creation of an As-Is process map 2. Identification of problems and problem sources--> prioritize problems based on the organization's objectives 3. Design "To-Be" sub-process(es) -elimination and/or minimization of non-essential sub-processes -simplification, transformation and/or automation of essential sub-processes Redesign approach Essential? Type of change Elimination no Removal of non-essential sub-process Minimization no Reduction of activities that are non-essential in a sub-process Simplification yes Minimal change to people, procedures Transformation yes Significant changes to people, procedures Automation yes Reduces or eliminates procedures and people with tech (ex1: automation simplification of the sub-process to evaluate and rank candidates within employee hiring; ex2: automation of the sub-process to open a position and accept & review applications within employee hiring) 4. Describe the value of the Redesign Opportunities ("why") -quality, cost, speed, innovation, relationship ID and explain the value that your redesign will provide the organization. In other words, why should they do it?  Increase the quality of the pro
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