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COMM 190
Glenn Jenkins

MIS (COMM 190) – Class 3 & 4 Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Enabling Business with Information Systems Click here to enter Time What are mainframes? Mainframes are the first commercial digital computers that were large room sized devices and were used by business and government. What are microcomputers? Computers that had no display screen or monitor and required users to develop their programs. Programming languages such as BASIC and OS like DOS could be used on these microcomputers eventually. What does Moore’s Law state? The law states that information technology is continuously improving at an exponential rate, stating that in 18 months the price of a given integrated circuit (IC) will be half its current price or get a new IC that has twice as many transistors for the same amount of money. Data storage and network capacity also continue to advance too. What does hardware consist of? Electronic components and related gadgetry that input, process, output, and store data according to instructions encoded in computer programs or software. What are some examples of Some examples of input hardware devices are: keyboard, mouse, document scanners, and input hardware devices? barcode scanners, monitors, etc. to input data into the device so that the CPU can process it to create outputs. The CPU is a processing device sometimes called the brain of the computer. It selects What is the Central processing unit? instructions, processes them, and performance arithmetic and logical comparisons and also even stores results of operations in memory. What does the CPU work in Works with the computer’s main memory. CPU reads data and instructions from the conjunction with? memory and stores the results of its computations in main memory. Another component in computers that can be added to the computer to augment its basic What are special function cards? capabilities e.g. video cards providing enhanced clarity and refresh speed for the computer’s video display. Output hardware consists of video displays, printers, audio speakers, head projectors, and What is the difference between output hardware and storage other special purpose devices such as large flatbed plotters. Storage hardware saves data and programs; magnetic disks are by far the most common storage devices, although hardware? optical disks such as CDs and DVDs are popular. Flash memory like USB is also becoming popular. Companies can use magnetic tape to be cost effective. What are binary digits? Also known as bits, which are either zeroes or a one. They are used for computer data because they are easy to represent physically. What are bytes? Bytes are a type of memory that hold chunks of 8 bits. The size is small, representing one letter character (1 byte). 1024 bytes. How big is a kilobyte? How big is a megabyte? 1024Kilbytes (K) How big is a gigabyte? 1024MB How big is a terabyte? 1024GB What is the data channel (AKA They are channels through which data is transferred usually from the main memory to the CPU. Bus) used for? What is cache? Where does it Cache is a very small amount of fast memory held in the CPU, and having more of it in a lie? computer makes the computer transfer and complete instructions faster, but it is expensive. What does a computer’s main It contains program instructions for Excel, Acrobat, and browser, and also contains instructions for the OS, which is a program that controls the computer’s resources as well as memory hold? a block of data. What is Memory swapping? It is a process in which the OS will direct the CPU to attempt to place the new program or data into unused memory. If there is not enough memory it will remove something that is considered excess of some type of data from an application. What does it mean to be To be volatile means their contents (cache and main memory are volatile) are lost when volatile? they ar
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