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Week 9 COMM200 Lecture Notes.docx

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COMM 200
Gary J Bissonette

Week 9 COMM200 Lecture Notes Key concepts  Segmentation o Marketing research > marketing effort o Demographics  Social aspects  Behavioural  Culture  Ethnicity  Psychographics (lifestyle, etc.)  Target market  Customer profile (profiling)  Positioning  Number one (most recognized) reward in Canada is Canadian Tire money  For the customer – it drives repeat purchases, brand and customer loyalty to increase frequency of shopping at Canadian tire  Granulation: take an area in a particular sector, is there area in that sector o Walmart controls the middle of the market, but you can go up market and hit target, HBC and then the peak of that is high end specialty stores  Customer profiling – what does your customer base want? o Price customer o Value customer o Accessibility and convenience customer o Relationship customer  Fractional ownership IOGO - Ultima foods, there was significant risk if continuing to manufacture the Yoplait yogourt for general mills - They wanted to minimize risk so they formed their own brand as they saw an opportunity in the market - Integrating strategy and market together to create awareness for brand - Reasons to form this business o Growing demand o Consumption is g
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