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COMM 200 Lecture Notes - Swot Analysis, Downside Risk, Cash Flow

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COMM 200
Gary J Bissonette

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COMM200 Week 12 Notes
10 key takeaways:
Simple formula for success
o Well-directed and positioned strategy + efficient and effective tactical execution =
business growth and profitability
o Critical factors behind success formula
Target the right customers
Create value that is meaningful and relevant
Build a business system which delivers the solution to the customers via the 6Rs
(right product, right place, right time, right price, right distribution etc.)
Execute required processes to deliver “the goods”
Select markets which will remain attractive and relevant for the future
Understand risk/reward trade-off
Ensuring that the plan makes sense
o Execute customer, competitor and company analysis
o PIMS = price focussed, profit is volume based, ROS = per unit focus, profit driven on a
per unit basis
o Company analysis 3Cs analysis SWOT determine product market fit
Tactical success is driven by aligning the business system to support the organizations strategic
o Industry demand life cycle (embryonic phase, rapid growth phase, maturity phase)
Change in Customer base = new customers + existing customers deserting
What aspect of this formula are we going to leverage to further grow the
o Emerging nations still have new customers and can acquire these (ex. blackberry can
get more customers in this market)
Managing an organization requires a “balanced” approach
o Four quadrants: customer & markets, financial, asset development, internal business
Managing means knowing where the weak links lie (or potentially lie) in your organization’s
o Is the intent of the business to run for a short-period of time with an exit option or to be
a long-term player?
o Absence of a “plan b” leaves a company susceptible to exposure and downside risk
o Fatal/flaw analysis
Inadequate pricing
Weak management competencies
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