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Queen's University
COMM 231
Jacline Abray- Nyman

Chapter 9 define brand and how brand meaning is created and maintainedexplain how brands are represented and the role of brand personality and brand equity list and describe the major strategic decisions marketers must make about brandsexplain how brands are developed and managed and describe the role of bran communications in the ongoing management of brandsSleemanUsed clear beer bottle to get the brand noticed before the company had money to advertiselike the original bottle but made it more susceptible to light and exceeded the costs customers kept them because they liked them so much 2006 Sappro Breweries purchased Sleeman Sleeman hired advertising agency Denstu Canada for bran positioning project and came up with the notorious strategy 5 generations of infamous gamily brewing heritage Sleeman Notoriously good since 1834A brandis a name term sign symbol or design or a combination of these that identifies te marker or seller of a product or a serviceBrand relationshipsTo turn a brand into a lovemark the marketer has to think differently instead of providing information to the customers develop a relationship with themstrive to be loved not recognized A brand must have a compelling memorable storyBrand Advocacy y brand advocatescustomers employees and others who willingly and voluntarily promote their favourite brandy How can brand advocacy be created and used effectively o Advocacy begins with trustbuild trust with potential advocated by nurtuing their recommendations and opinions o Advocacy starts close to homeBrands must start by creating advocates int he world around them if you gain passionate support of customers and employees their enthusiasm for the brand will spill over into words and actions o Make customers and employees part of the brand story ie real customer service calls featured in television commercialso Deliver an experience that gets them talkingloyalty is not enough loyal customers are often quiet Ie Microsoft customers vs Apples advocated go beyond loyalty to actively pormote the brando Outperform where they care the mostunderstanding and solving problems is universally one of the most effective ways to create brand advocates
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