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Robin W Dawes

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6.2 Thursday, February 14, 2013 8:34 AM Proof by induction for algorithms using 'course of values' induction: Strings in Python: With standard induction: Can be bounded by single quotes, double quotes or even triple quotes. Prove the statement E(n) is true for all n in a set Multiple things to start string because of apostrophes or quotation marks within strings… Base case: ex: "It's a sunny day" would work but 'It's a sunny day' would not ProofE(n)is truefor firstelement ex2: 'Tome said "Whyis there,"owlishly' Inductive step: ex3: 'He\'s here' Assume E(n) is true for n Prove that if E(n) is true, then E(n+1) is also true Strings are immutable. You cannot change a piece of a string without making a copy that has the wanted Course of values induction: changes Base case Assume E(n) is true for all elements of the set up to n Built in functions: \t = tab char \n = new line
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