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Dram 200 Nov20

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Craig S Walker

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Dram 200 – Theatre History November 20, 2012 Fifteen Degrees of Separation 0. William Shakespeare (Writer, 1564-1616) 1. Richard Burbage (Actor, 1567-1619) 2. Joseph Taylor (Actor, d. 1652) 3. Charles Hart (Young actor – actor, 1625-1683) 4. Thomas Betterton (Actor, 1635-1710) 5. Colley Cibber (Young actor- actor, 1671-1757) 6. Charles Macklin (Actor-Villains, 1699-1797) 7. David Garrick (Actor, 1717-1779) 8. Sarah Siddons (Actress, 1757-1831) 9. Edmund Kean (Actor, 1787-1833) 10. William Chippendale (1801-1888) 11. Sir Henry Irving (1838-1905) 12. Evelyn Russell (c. 1880-1970) 13. Nicholas Pennell (1939-1995) 14. Craig Walker 15. ME :D Elizabeth 1 and the rise of Professionalism - 1558-1603 - 1558-72 # of acting companies rises to 90 - 72 London companies with noble patronage is okay, banning all others. 1576 - First permament public playhouse – THE THEATRE (Shoreditch) - First permanent private playhouse - BLACKFRIARS (Boy companies) o Flag up means the Theatre is active with companies The University Wits - Trained in classical lit. at Oxfo
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