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Lecture 18

ENGL 100 Lecture 18: Literary Studies Week 18

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ENGL 100
Christopher J Fanning

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Literary Studies Week 18
The Rape of the Lock
Canto 1
The sun rises and the day of a rich family begins but Belinda remains asleep
She is dreaming a dream that has been sent to her by her guardian
She dreams of a handsome man that tells her an army of spirits who all used to live on
earth as human women is protecting her
They are the guardias of oe’s hastity
The spirits of the air Sylphs are Belida’s persoal guardias
Belinda is warned that on that day, a bad event will happen and that she should beware
of man
She wakes up and has received a love letter that causes her to forget about the dream
She proceeds to get ready fort he day and her appearance is described
A goddess
Canto 2
Belinda goes on a boat ride to the Hampton Court Palace
Belida’s lock is admired by a man on the boat (the baron) who is determined to take it
for himself
We learn that he woke up early that morning and built an altar to love to pray for the
success in his mission
The gods heard his prayer but only decided to answer half of it
Ariel Belida’s priary guardia is orried eause he kos that soethig ad is
destined to happen to Belinda on this day
Ariel calls for a group of spirits to guard Belinda
Canto 3
The boat arrives at the palace and Belinda gets off with 2 men that she had been talking
to they sit down to play a game of cards
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