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Laura Murray

ENG100B NotesWeek 13 Krapps Last TapeRichard Elliot he is unique given voice to inarticulate menwomen he says only there and then as metabolism lowers can human emotion be approachedEmphasis on people whoa re past point of meaningful existenceKrapps name defines his character crapKrapp the main character is a failed writer he records tapes of himself and reflects on his own lifeThis is ironic because the main character is basically torturing himself by recording and listening to his memories every year th Krapp is at the end of his tether and it is his 40 birthday he listens and analyses his own work fast forwards and pauses to feel some sense of control over his lifeKrapp chose to live a life of work wanted to be a successful writer however his life is meaningless because he does not have many close relationships and he is also a failureP 1370 they both laugh sometimes Krapp is in unison with his emotions and sometimes he isntHe uses ritual and repetition he feels the need to put himself down his former self in an aggressive wayThe extent to which he is consciously repeating himself is unclear sometimes he says things involuntarily her eyesMemories become compulsory repetitions they are not just memories and they are not very rich or detailedPast events haunt him he can not escape but he triesP 1372 recalling a moment of apparent revelation and spiritually when suddenly I saw the whole thing revelation and momentend of Krapps life he doesnt seem satisfied Lightdark stage directions show detailsGoing to the past brings Krapp to connection to potential moments and glimpses of fleeting happinessP 1371 death of Krapps mother is expressed as Krapp gives the dog a ball outside of his mothers hospital This shows optimism death is bittersweet and he relieves his mothers death He says he will never forget My face and her breast side to side Krapps view on intimacy K and his girl agree to break up there is a moment of closeness She can only see him in the dark Spoolchildish amusementDo we move or does the world move usWorld moves on in a cruel way death relationships life choices K is alienated and left behind as the world moves on he dwindles on his past meaninglesslyK doesnt remember a lot of his own memories and recordings until he hears themHis past selves are like other characters in the playPhilosophical questionidentity memory performance vs realityYounger K singing is a figure of selfexpression but did he ever have a full voice Singing with a broken voiceBeautyDarkness vs light knowledgeComedybananas and his clown like appearanceMemory is a performance rebuilding emotionsP 1369 farewell to love he choses career over love and relationshipsP 1372 upper lake imagine how depressed and fucked up he is he chose to walk away from love to pursue work as an author but he is still not successful and he no longer understand emotionsP 1373 hopeless eyes he doesnt want happiness anymoreWeek 14 The Importance of Being EarnestOscar Wilde famous for being famousSatire playAll characters n the play are witty like OscarPresents a list of things you need to know
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