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Lecture 4

ENGL 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Sharon Olds, Imagism

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ENGL 100
Christopher J Fanning

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Lecture #4
September 21st 2017
Putting perceptions into words
All writing Is about finding a match, substitution, the word is not the thing
Poetry invites substitutions, words for things ideas and experiences
Poetry gives a license to imagine and use words in a different way
Sharon Olds-- rite of passage child perception is different from the mothers
Imagery is something concrete and vivid details
Detailed aspect of experience
Imagining a sense of perception
Beethoven ( and the fact that he was deaf and that he got a standing ovation but
did not even know
Its not about decorations,
Pound made imagism
Emotion caused by the cite, the image should catch all the sense of the
experience like the sound, the feeling, the smell
"motif" music / repeated use of a particular image in English
In general imagery can help allow people to get into a mood, setting, and its
encaging into the senses, emotions,
Pied beauty -- pg 161 seagull
Not traditional mode of beauty, everything is beautiful because god made
He wants to share variety, so that’s why he went beyond the regular beauty
"Fresh fire coal, chestnut- falls" transformations of the chestnuts, setting up an
analogy, falling and cracking open, compression, imagery, how it falls to
reveal itself
God has a this unchanging beauty because he is god
He's telling us to praise god he is a priest
Down to the river" the river is the image
" No flowers on the wedding day" it all adds up to something the natural
imagery and what happened to the speaker
The girl is acquainted with the river and landscape her body wet and tan
Poverty and misery, the factories are closing down, and no jobs, and no time
The lines grow in length when he talks about the present meditations, the lines
get longer,
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