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ENGL 284
Dale Tracy

ENGL284 Sept 28, 2012 - Patrick’s role in bringing outsiders into the centre through his attention - How does Patrick’s role as an outsider to both the city and immigrant community impact our experience of the narrative coming through his perspective o Outsider = we’re all outsiders to each other, everyone is wearing a skin of a lion, you cant ever really know anyone.  Also human condition, language barriers etc. o Fragmented narrative, makes us outsiders to the story because it’s difficult to understand, mirrors Patrick’s relationship to the community. o Patrick as a searcher? (if that’s what he is) Not ever going to find it?  Always looking for information, we go on search with him; he never finds what he’s looking for o Patrick never really seems to belong anywhere; both insider and outsider, special position in the novel o Sees people in fragments; synecdoche (mustache etc), seeing bits and pieces of people instead of knowing a whole person; post modern view of novel TRANSLATIONS OF COMMUNITY - Although not immigrant from another country, still new to city and doesn’t know customs, same kind of status o Belongs to group of people who are doing similar work to him (back of coats?) o P112: still an outsider “anonymous o 113: a living creature, a gooshter had been translated, “he looked up …. He was their alien. o His willingness to try and talk, keep coming back week after week that makes a diff. “four women and a couple of men… between them” (113) - Talking movies “growing echoes… pronounciations right” o Link between language and art: change in art, brining in language into film changed life, immigrants had a way to gain language. Silent film changes from one based in coincidence and one based in language; a film not about coincidence but about lagnauge can help order your life, to take control, life juts isn’t coincidence but can be organized through reason and logic o Telling a story about something can bring a kind of order - Patrick: being outside language is a kind of control. He’s a watcher, orders thing by telling story. Can name things as being important to himself by telling stories about them to himself. o P133: “watches each… reversals”  Creating offhand a counterpoint to musical theme (a diff theme in counterpoint to the main one) ENGL284 Sept 28, 2012  Scene is imbued with artistic connection, his way of being there is creative interpretive  Ceremony, culture; not having own tradition, he makes a story about it for himself, in relations to being near but not of it.  Painting: memory painting reminds him of the reversal  Outside of meaningfulness that’s there for others in the room; meaning is for him a counterpoint; own idea of meaningness comes with out the shaping of memory, of meaning that’s already there  Makes him comfortable to watch lives that are already there and create a meaning for him - As outsider and watcher, finds meaning/language instructive o P138 “he lived-…exaggerate themselves” “he felt himself expand… conversation.”  Translation of communication into the non linguistic. Performing, exaggerated reactions o He likes to be outside of language, but not entire outside relationship  Community and understanding aren’t dependent on language. - Puts people into relation through putting together stories; when studies people outside he brings them inside; o Study history changes history
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