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Lecture 8

ENGL365 Lecture 8: 9-10-14

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ENGL 365
Glenn Willmott

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ENGL365 9 October 2014 T.S. Eliot − young minds of modernist poetry; born in 1888 − wealthy business family; raised in American South but not "southern" in culture -- industrious family; moralistic + rationalistic − Elitist, puritan New England heritage − Eliot only holding up to family's standards in self-presentation -- theatrically mannered o could mingle w/both Bohemians and "proper" high society − moves to London to become writer, meets Ezra Pound -- testament to importance of connections in literary world − both Eliot and wife Vivian mentally unstable o wife eventually institutionalized o "psychological rollercoaster" − attracted to mysteries of sexuality/spirituality o repudiation of reason as primary mode of explanation − drawn to melancholically absurd world o use of irony − acting against sentimental, "nice" poetry o instead opting for direct, jarring speech/representations of the world o anti-sentimental + anti-abstract − incongruities/transitions used in poetry almost mystifying; dream logic (think Yeats' focus on reverie/dreams, etc) o "Rhapsody on a Windy Night"; combination of realism + dream logic o images branching out into meaning (Pound's imagism) o re-interpretative logic; meaning/emotion extrapolated from the mundane − narrative of mundane details − phantasmagoric imagery founded on mundane, direct imagery ENGL365 9 October 2014 − symbolist sty
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