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Lecture 3

ENGL365 Lecture 3: 18-09-14

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ENGL 365
Glenn Willmott

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18 September 2014
close reading poetry
oYeats' "The Mask", pg.43
1: dialogue poem; speaker asks beloved to remove mask, beloved refuses +
claims the speaker fell for the mask
2: antecedent scenario -- limits to their intimacy prompting the dialogue
3: dialogic narrative structure; 3 stanzas, strong rhyme scheme A-B-A-B-
A...; division of feet, beloved with more to say (4-2-4); highly
crafted/musical/strong formal structure
4: climax -- "it was the mask engaged your mind"; unexpected rebuttal
5: question (riddle) -- climax (turning point) -- justification/mirroring
6: dynamic curve -- polite antagonism/distancing; essentially flat until
7: embedded dialogue, not a member of particular genre
8: poem itself comparable to a mask; highly crafted/constructed;
"sprawling syntax"
10: dialogue; performance; divided agency, two perspectives engaged in
power struggle
11: Gaps, silences, exclusions
12: Genre, form, rhythm
13: The authentic self; authentic desire; promotion of the value of
art/aestheticism; outward individuality -- "authentic inauthenticity"
oYeats' "An Appointment", pg.58
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