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ENPH 211
Oleg Kamaev

1 Dr Oleg Kamaev Winter 2013 term 2 Vibration or Oscillation any periodic motion ie motion that repeats itself after an interval of time Vibrations can be categorized as 1Free no external force acts on the system or Forced 2Undamped no energy dissipation or Damped 3Linear described by linear differential equations or Nonlinear4Deterministic when we know magnitude of the excitation acting on a system at any given time or Random Vibration Analysis procedure 1Perform mathematical modeling of a system 2Derive equations of motion to describe vibration of the system 3Solve equations of motion 4Understand the results ie displacements velocities accelerations of the various parts of the system Oleg Kamaev ENPH 211part 1a 3 Vibrating system features ability to store potential energy due to tensile force spring element or gravity eg in pendulum ability to store kinetic energy due to moving mass or rotational inertia reallife systems dissipate energy due to friction damping element Examples springmass system torsional system simple pendulum Oleg Kamaev ENPH 211part 1a
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