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Queen's University
Environmental Studies
ENSC 502
Rob Beamish

Presentation SpeechYou know how way back when in elementary school or maybe even high school your second grade teacher would teach you addition and subtraction using tootsie rolls So if Sharon had 1 tootsie roll and Tom gave Sharon 2 more for her birthday how many does Sharon have in total Well this happens a lot in America and American schools Have you ever noticed the abundance of corporate advertising in the schools youve been to The general theme today will explain how commercialism has worked its way into schools classroom packets that promote Hersheys chocolate or Kelloggs Rice Krispies learning software that uses corporate logos like Coke and Pepsi To cope with its budget crisis the Seattle School Board passed a new policy it voted to accept corporate advertising in the citys middle and secondary schools So now 40 of schools have homerooms that start the day with news and commercials transmitted by Channel One Channel One is a creation of Christopher Whittles Its like an MTVish newscast its a compression of news with features tailored for teenagers and lasts for 12 minutes There are trivia questions and a series on a topical issue like the Soviet Union or the handicapped The smiley anchors are in their 20s and the pace is snappy and graphics flashy The commercials are sometimes identical to those on regular TV but increasingly shot specifically for Channel One and shamelessly encourage consumption of candy bars and costly footwearWith time corporate America has dramatically increased its involvement in education Businesses donate money and materials help wire schools for the Internet and mobilize employees to volunteer as tutors Public school advocates educators parents and even students are concerned that commercialism in the classroom co
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