FILM 110 Lecture Notes - Malcolm Gladwell, Robert J. Flaherty, Inuit

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8 Feb 2013
Week 15 Jan 21
10:19 PM
In 208 malcom gladwell wrote book about outliers
o Defantion of an outlier is one that appears to deviate markedly from other members
Do not follow conventional rules made up their own
Very hard to identify an outlier in our time, we have to look back
1922 Nanook of the North- Robert Flaherty
o Romanic
o Poster boy of orilentalisim
o Man from south but lived most of his life in Canada
o Yearne for somethin different- hated modernisim
o Chose to look back and idealized inuits
o Went N. with a camera wanting to salving/preserve inuit way of life
o Invented concept of documentary
o Had to shoot it twice
o Went on to be watched film
1918 Battleship Potemkin
o Moscow a group of directors get together to make films for revolution
o Started watching hollywood films, wanted to create new cinimatic language
o Hired to make two films in one year
o Had the help of 1000 extras
o Odessa step sequece
o Compared to lord of the rings return of the kings
o Contract time but instead expanded it, scene was 10 mins
Un Chien Andalon
o Paris, Mid 1920's
o Center of european culture
o Massive change
o Surealisim, movement in art
Anti-boudaru, socail and artistic conventions
Irrational spontuity
Lolu poneu and salvadore dale most influenced
Fed up with pretencions of art world
Wanted to shock art world
Wanted to recreate dreams horrified to find the pretentius french loved
their film
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