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Lecture Notes Week 15

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Film and Media
FILM 110

Week 15 Jan 21 February-04-13 10:19 PM  In 208 malcom gladwell wrote book about outliers o Defantion of an outlier is one that appears to deviate markedly from other members  Do not follow conventional rules made up their own  Very hard to identify an outlier in our time, we have to look back  1922 Nanook of the North- Robert Flaherty o Romanic o Poster boy of orilentalisim o Man from south but lived most of his life in Canada o Yearne for somethin different- hated modernisim o Chose to look back and idealized inuits o Went N. with a camera wanting to salving/preserve inuit way of life o Invented concept of documentary o Had to shoot it twice o Went on to be watched film  1918 Battleship Potemkin o Moscow a group of directors get together to make films for revolution
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