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lecture notes Week 16

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Film and Media
FILM 110

Week 16- The medium is in the Message Jan 28 February-04-13 10:41 PM  Main takeaway- origin characteristics of many of our main elementary of society had beginnings in the 1920's  Introduction of wireless receivers into homes (radios)  Most homes had raios's by 1930's began 1920's adviertisers spend 600 billion dollars per year  Advetizing and mass media got married when raio was being brought into the home o Not welcomed  Look at the parralles between radio and the web, what it was for, how it got introduced  Modern Times 1936 Charlie Chaplin o Look back on the 20's o Grew up in poverty in england o Born in 1889 o Father a drunk o Lived with his brother in various apartments o At seven sent to a work house for pauper o At nine mother institutionalied for mental illness o At twelve started performing o By twenty did voudville comedy acts hat would travl to the USA, told to do an audition o He decided he was going t make it as a clown-tramp-in hollywood rig
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