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Lecture 2

FILM 110 Lecture 2: Week 2F lecture

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Film and Media
FILM 110
Blaine Allan

Mackenzie Gregson [email protected] FILM 110 Film & Week 2 : When Women Called The Shots Media Studies Nell Shipman -She stands as a figure throughout a process of recovery and reconsideration of the roles of women throughout this period of film -A figure such as Shipman can be seen as such a prominent figure at a time when women were not seen as great creators and artists throughout silent films Mary Pickford -Another dominant women in the early era of film who contributed to directing as long with all other parts of film creating -She was widely popular and was branded as americas sweet heart as she was an actor but -Eventually Mary became her own producer and her salary multiplied 5 times along with other film agreements she worked upon Cleo Madison (1916)-Had a very short and consecrated career was a film maker as she gave up - it is thought that the pressures to attain and achieve greatness as a women producer was too much
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