FILM 206 Lecture Notes - Teenage Life

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27 Sep 2011
Film 206- September 19th
In the 1950s, was a time where teenage life was in the midst of being understood.
Mainly the problems within teenage delinquents. Teenage were able to find their own
identity apart form the views of their parents had enforced on them. Rebellion was
The generation gap: baby boomers, world war, revolution. The adults have becomes
extremely conformist and frightened by the past and what the future can look like if no
precaution is taken.
What role do social institutions play in the film Rebel without a Cause?
There is a complete disconnect between the institutions and the teenagers. The
institutions play a huge role in communicating the lack of connection between the two.
Ex. The planetarium and the professor - there is no connection. The professor can't
connect with the students.
The role of Plato: Plato demonstrates the fail of a lost role in society.
Characters are slotting themselves into roles. There is a large emotional disconnect or
diss array. Ex. Seeming happy after Plato death. Moving onto a new boyfriend after
buzz is killed.
Beginning of the film: Jim plays with the toy monkey and it represents a role of a care
taking. He winds up toy and then makes it stop and puts it to bed (figuratively). This
later in the film is seen with Jim and his parents,
He is also dressed formally but the opposite in his behaviour. He is caught between the
two and rebelling from the typical stereotypes from society.
!At the station: none of the teenagers are standing up, the adults and authority
figures are what are forcing them to stand up. There are nurses, colourful infant posters
in the wall, and no one in the station looks like your typical criminal. There are teachers
and mainly the professor with judy. It is completely institutionalized.
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