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FILM 206 - SEPT 21

Film and Media
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FILM 206
Frank Burke

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Film 206 - September 21st
Thesis development
Thesis has to be origin and the argument has to be persuasive. It also needs to be
multifacid. Make your thesis, flow, complex, and interrelated throughout the entire
How to get a working thesis:
!Ask questions that will allow you to arrive at an original thought. Also do the
same with your research. Challenge everything.
!In your draft, come up with related topics and interests and have them laid out in
front of you. From there find the interrelationships amongst them where you can then
create a structure for your argument. From there your thesis will become much clearer.
!Don't try and force your thesis into a mould. Keep an open mind and let
everything flow and let your thesis develop.
!Manage your time. Organize your notes and get things going from the ground up.
Drafts are key! It is always good to do more then one. Then analyze each draft and find
the connections and the flaws. Start getting into the mindset of the reader. You may not
realize that what you are saying may only be understood CLEARLY by you, but not the
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