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FILM 226
Leslie W Mac Kenzie

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FILM 226: Critical Inquiry (MacKenzie) Week Four: • Last Tango in Paris= Same year as The Godfather • Bernardo Bertolucci – LTIP was based on a dram -he was in psychoanalytic therapy (id, ego, superego) • Jacques Sacand: he believed that psychoanalysis was with vision and language - Mirror stage: first time an infant can recognize themselves in a mirror (everything is separated, I am separated from my mother) - When a child does this, he enters the world of the symbolic (lack) - Lack = metaphorical castration - The world is always about misrecognition • LTIP takes into consideration Freud’s 2 drives: sex and death - Willingness to death/obliterate = orgasm - “no names here”/communicate through grunts =
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