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FILM 226 Memory

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Queen's University
Film and Media
FILM 226
Scott Mac Kenzie

10 Mar Imagery and Memory in Cinema Hiroshima Mon Amour (1960) images embody memory, global memory, personal memory our present mediated by our past and its effect on our relationships do moving images give you access to the past can they tell the true story? historical past through images are transparent- the feelings partial and false sight and knowledge - sight and reproduced images believed that great images have something to impart on us museums are about capturing the past not always accurate - we take it as real rather than a construct over-investing in these constructs to the extent that what we think they represent is skewed - nothing entranseit exists in photos not as transparent or straightforward as we think grand narratives of the past - the couple opposite of historical significance new relationship brings back memories of the past these emotions will replace the ones of he German lover how can a new relationship be formed from an old one - can the present cannibalize the past? identical feelings how is the past unique and specific in nature if these feelings are the same interiority: not how we experience the world as we live it but through our thought process - the woman's internal monologue document through her language the internal conflict we go through in our daily lives how we make sense of ourselves and our world within our consciousness internal debate of past/present - out relationship to th
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