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Lecture 2

FILM 226 Week 2

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Film and Media
FILM 226
Scott Mac Kenzie

20 Jan Marxism and May '68 Weekend - (Jean-Luc Goddard 1967) weekend = unstructured time, more control statement on the structure of society immense amount of physical exertion to use two days of leisure (the couple want to have more money for leisure) systemic trap of society (cannibalizing your time) stylistic codes of storytelling broken traffic jam scene camera revolutions in the barn yard Inversion of Dichotomies masculine - feminine woman in control of the narrative of her sexual fantasy - could also highlight that women are presented as objects violent escalation between men - an extreme that draws attention to the naturalized nature of violence real and fake violence skinned rabbit - obviously fake blood (fake blood makes the animal seem more gruesome); the violence we see on screen vs the everyday slaughter of a
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