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FILM 226 Week 1

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Film and Media
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FILM 226
Scott Mac Kenzie

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13 Jan Semiotics Two or Three Things I Know About Her - (Jean-Luc Goddard 1966) the way we see language realism and transparency: we passively buy in to the characters and their stories Brecht alienate the audience but reminding them that they are watching a show wants an active audience; causes them to look at the larger social issues in the piece challenges the world outside the film rather than reinforcing realist/bourgeois culture experience the film and then reconsider preconceptions contemporary consumer culture: we fell like we have many choices for roles in society but we are often placed where there aren't many choices (money = things = happiness) 9/11: helpAmerica/make a stand for democracy by buying things unnatural system a product of society gender the position of women in society is similar to the position of commodities (to look at, consume, and be sold) inequality among genders seen as natural (not seen as subjective, it is seen as true) discourse frames the idea that women are economically viewed as items for exchange individuality conscious of images affect on us and that they are constructs but still compare ourselves (strive for fantasies) told to be an individual mentally/spiritually but are given rigid body ideals goals of capitalism are to make you feel unworthy to force you to buy into consumerism consume things to create an identity and feel solidarity with a group Ideas in Context Words dena
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