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Film 226 - Feb 29

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Film and Media
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FILM 226
John Owens

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Film 226February 29 2012Mad Menuninventing the 1960s in order to have print media we needed to know how to print thingjust like television commercials had to be created by TVpeople also have to have a disposable income to buy access to public televisionadvertising is framed in two distinct times and modern advertising is considered more scientific using logic and reason to sell things to people earlier advertising didnt really have thiseven before the invention of advertising on tv people were still buying things What advertising doescreates customer awarenesslets people know a new product a way for companies to compete and differentiate themselves as to why theyre different and better a case could be made that advertising must be used to have business when products are so similaradvertising also creates a needfills a void that marketers have created show the public that there is a problem that needs to be fixed ie the ne
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