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Film 226 - Feb 8

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Film and Media
FILM 226
John Owens

thCritical InquiryFebruary 8Use to the idea of it being a unified category Benedict Anderson had the idea the The Nationthere was an imagined community Nations are not as stabilized as we think they are Papers journals news etc provide this unified space and allows others to indulge into other cultures HYBRIDITY CultureStuart Hall defined culture as the actual grounded terrain of practices representations languages and customs of any specific society Globalizationrefers to the formation of a worldwide historical field 123 45 Cultural Imperialismcorporations are able to indulge into whatever area they choose6 States are engaged in international government7 Dismantling of the Breton Woods system the economic system that exists prior to 1980sthe idea that markets right now have a more free flow of capitolwith such things as trade laws etc One of the key debates was whether or not globalization was a condition or a Process Conditiona way to
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