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Film 236 Lecture and Reading Note 2013

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Queen's University
Film and Media
FILM 236
Francis Leeming

Film 236 Media StudiesJanuary 16 2013Walter Benjamin He did not have to flee during the rise of Hitler because he was in Paris not in GermanyHe was an outside viewer he felt what was happening but was not living it Benjamin is a radical writer he is a think who radicalizes the way the world operates he concludes something that has not been thought in that way yetThis was a radical essay in how we think about art and how that has been radicalized in how we think about technology We are a mass and the mass media is turning us into zombies Benjamin saw that media was a way for us to become democratized and it can only be a good thing that we have access to as many cultural artifacts as possible He goes through the democratization process He begins with the idea of accessibility how art was originally created for one purpose only and that was for ritual Ritualart was symbols that enhanced their ability to do something it was for a ritualThey were there to worship and symbols of something that was important within a cultureWhen this began to change people had access to create art for themselves He says that painting were never meant to be viewed in masses but the specialness of it is so compelling that people will line up to see it Photography Sense of uniqueness Photography is liberating an image and the argument was that photography cannot be considered an art because it is just am image of what is already there and no talent is necessary From one negative you can make lots of prints so why is it important to have the original negative Pictorial reproductionIdea of pictorial reproduction mechanical preproduction its unique work cant be traced and its uniqueness is devalues the aura Original objects have an aura and the further you are removed from the original the more withered the aura becomes Uniqueness permanence have become a sense of value and reproducibility has created a sense of something can just disappear eventually Theater and FilmTheater in relation to filmWhat is the difference between film and theater in the idea of authenticity and the original and reproducibility
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