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Queen's University
Film and Media
FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

Thursday September 13, Week 1 Professor Sidneyeve Matrix  Put at least 10 comments between moodle/facebook/twitter (w/ #Film240)  Photofigures (must be CC/ licensed) post in moodle and add 5 comments to other people’s photos 3 C’s of Media Convergence  Communication networks  Digital content  Connected devices Media Convergence  Digitization (the evolution of content)  Disaggregation (new platforms like amazon, google) now we don’t have albums we have singles, now we don’t have newspapers but articles  Long tail content and the discoverability dilemma (you find all of this stuff when you’re just looking around and it isn’t really advertised like it isn’t a single from an album)  Social media ecosystem  Dumb pipes (digital-only content aggregators) they don’t create anything, they’re just pushing through all of the media but not creating any of it (google, itunes, youtube, Netflix)  It’s extremely important to have content across multiple platforms…. It can’t be fought; you have to go with it.  Concentration of ownership (mergers, acquisitions) Canada has the most concentrated media in the world  Vertical integration (not just big eat little, but big eating big)  Having a media monopoly means that there really isn’t that much choice ; we’ll be forced to buy more channels we don’t want, and they will just have too much control over what we see  We are becoming platform agnostic (we don’t really care where it’s coming from we just want it now) Modes of Engagement  unbundling media (you want to be able to pick and choose what you want… a particular show, or a particular song… more choice) this is a democratizing effect)  but great content is expensive, so these people won’t get paid and they can’t make anymore great content  appointment consumption – when you sit down to watch something… now it’s really only saved for events like sports games or evening news, reality television, awards shows  control revoltion, we want our
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