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Film and Media
FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

Week 8 Thursday November 1 Television Tv sales are down/flat because we replace them every 5-10 years. We all went out and bought flat screens and it’s not time to get a new one yet. They’re on for about 8 hours a day in the house The tv as the” third parent” … theres no real benefit to watching tv at that age but they love it and theyre enthralled by it “screenagers” spend a lot of time on the screen : video games, computer, tv, etc Gen Y watches 30% less tv but more screens.. just not tv The more hours you watch tv, the more accepting you are of stereotypes “cultivation effect” Network era (50s-70s)  game shows (cheap, and easy to sponsor) but after 64000 question was fixed they disappeared “you cant always believe what you see on tv” first a thing  daytime talk shows “magazine shows” first one the Today show based off of Life magazine  reality tv is run by a characters persona  voting shows are meant to get you away from the computer
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