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Lecture 2

FILM240 week 2 - Media Effects Research

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Queen's University
Film and Media
FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

Lecture NotesThursday September 20 2012547 PMMEDIA USE PATTERNSConnected cocooningEveryone is in their own media cocoon They can be physically together but mentally distracted by their own technologyThe living room is no longer a family gathering room but more of a control room for everyones entertainment gear a multiscreen communication and hightech entertainment hubFamily time has been revised to include technology all present family members are still within their Media Bubbles Separate channels that are highly personalized and customized Someones media bubble can be indicative of their personality music playlistsFacebook page etcPrivate media mix is a reflection of our identity and valuesFamilies may gather around the same screen or share the same screen to achieve mediated intimacyWe can connect intimately with family members through shared screensTablets are often shared devices becauseCan easily be moved from person to personTouchable and interactiveIntuitive Very easy to learnuseThis is the contemporary culture of sofa surfers and bedroom browsers describes the inhome mobility of mediaThe living room is the 1 place for laptops and tablets to be usedWe fight over tablets more than we fight over TV remotesTablets on top for viewer engagement We watch videos on tablets for longer periods of time than we do on any either gadget30 more viewing time per play than on desktops We watch videos all the way to the end more oftenThe tablet is considered the go to winddown device 91 tablet owners use it in bed night time reading movies alarm etcSmart homeconnected livingTargeted towards a particular class that has disposable income and is geographically located where highspeed wireless connectivity is availablethe internet of things MITs Media LabHaving ambient connectivity and computing in the houseSmart objects that send data back and forth to serversThe most profound technologies are those that disappear They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life untilMedia Effects Research Page 1 The most profound technologies are those that disappear They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it Mark WeiserUbiquitous computingExamplesSmart blanket monitors bodily temperature blood pressure heart rate and optimizes for your comfort Useful for monitoring elderly vital signs Smart Scale wifi body scale transmits your weight to linked devices Can also tweet your weighttargeted towards athletesSmart toaster prints the weather report on your bread through a barometerSmart fridge weather report family photos calendar etcSmart milk milk maid monitors pH balance and sends you a text message when your milk is about to expireSmart plants monitor pH balance of soil light and water levels Plants will text you to give you information about how you can optimize your plantsAmbient umbrella glows when youre walking out the door if it is rainingConnected pets tracking their whereabouts vet appointments photosConnected kidsLife360 family locator tracks kids 247 and syncs with the registered sex offenders list to alert you of potential danger in your geographical areaNorton online family Download to digital device and monitors onlinemobile habits Decides which websites you can visit who you can textcall and can also monitor your online activity The premium version will let parents read text messagesPanic picture button Designed to stop bullying GPS tracker with one button panic mode the phone emits a high pitched alarm automatically calling family and friends on set list takes pictures every 5 seconds sending them to a preprogrammed phone or computer Listensrecords for possible evidence that you can show another persons parents the teacher police etcSmart home is about geekiness competitive consumption digital envy convenience and entertainmentWemo smartphone applicationcontrols on and off switches around the home can put them on schedule takes care of things while youre away on vacation can control things with movement You can automate as much or as little as you likeA smarthome is about security pet management family coordination and elder homecare health monitoringThe internet of things smart objectsambient connectivityInformation abundancea wealth of information creates a poverty of attentionWe are constantly multitasking which makes it difficult to focus on one thing at one timeAttention CrisisEconomyyour engagement is worth so much more in the days where we are distracted so much easier Glance theorywe are constantly distracted we often give things a glance and move on If something doesnt immediately captivate our filters it is irrelevantNicholas Carr author of the Shallows argues that we were once able to focus dive deep into the meanings of words before digital media Now we merely zip along the surface like a guy on a jet skiThe hierarchy of digital distractionsThe things closer to the top are those that are most likely to gethold your attention Media Effects Research Page 2
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