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Lecture 5

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FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

Magazines Lecture NotesThursday October 11 2012626 PMMAGAZINE TYPESMagazines are being hit by the recession less subscriptions ad pagesThere are magazines available that represent a full range of interests but most are targeted towards womenCanadian newsstands top selling category celebrityPeople1Star2In touch3Womans World4Mostly tabloidsCosmopoliton5US Weekly6National Enquirer7Life and Style8Hello9OK Magazine10Every magazine migrates towards tabloidization because thats what sellsIngredients of Tabloidization Not just about celebrity news also includes human interest storiesSensationalismScandal crime reportageBigger photos more eye candyThings that people enjoy reading good news and diversionary contentGeneral Interest TitlesGeneral interest magazines create cultural conversationsSomething included for everyoneWaiting rooms general stories hit a mainstream audienceSet the agenda for what we should be thinking about in a light hearted wayexLife Lookwere the top general interest magazine back in the dayIncluded sexualization women in bikinisTabloidization celebritiesThe same elements that determine which magazines sell can be translated from the 1950s to todayReaders Digesthas innovatively adopted the digital version Digital edition has informed the design architecture and pace of the print copyAppeals to multiple generationspeople have grown up with it Their grandparents read it it was part of their homes That serves us very well Liz Vaccariello Readers Digest editoreasy to read small stories tabloidization news great pictures investigating reportingPassalong readershipGeneral interest magazines have massive audiences and large subscriber numbers Magazines that are typically passed alongshared among friendsclientsetc 4 adult readerscopySpecial issuesAre passed along even further Magazines Page 1 Are passed along even furtherLonger shelf life more individual sales 1000 x the regular issuesCollectors editions can be more expensiveexPeoples 100 most beautiful people Sports Illustrated swimsuit editionRegional editionsSplit for different areas of the countrySplit run and demographic editions swap covers advertisements some content based on relevancy to the demographicsRelevant to geographical locationSegment different copies of the magazine for the demographics of different audiencesThinks about the audienceSame issue just pull and switch some partsSplitrun editions made to ship to another countries foreign magazine publication that leaves places for localregional advertisementsCanadian NewsstandsCanadian newsstands have 75 imported15 split run90 foreign 10 are Canadian originatedNationalism you can see what is preoccupying the nation Too many foreign magazines can compromise the perception of Canadian interestsSponsored and custom publicationsSponsored Magazines Come free with a purchaseIf you belong to an organization you dont have to pay for the associated magazineGuaranteed line of revenueAARP largest sponsored magazine biggest circulation in North AmericaexNational Geographic founded in 1988Point of purchase titlemagazines positioned by check outFamilyCircle and Womens Day magazines used to be sponsored free copy with your groceriesWhen you do selfserve checkout youre less likely to pick up a point of purchase titleMagaloguescustom magazine and catalogue design good ideas and cool photos fun to look throughInspires you to buy productsHome depot has a magalogue appvertNo cost to readersNo subscription or newstand revenueMakes money from advertisementsAdvertisers love narrowly segmented audiences airline catalogues are custom publications that have a controlled circulationFacebook is becoming a social publishing platform for magazines Coach catalogueConfigured for computer screen sizeMAGAZINE GENRESNewsmagsmuckrakersinvestigative journalism Since the 1920s readers have preferred an interpretive news reportage with an analysis that allows us to understand the significance of newsworthy eventsJournalists have extra space to cover an issue in greater depth in a news magazine Magazines Page 2
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