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Digital Media Lecture Thursday, November 29, 2012 6:33 PM INTRODUCTION AND HISTORY Digital divides 80% of Canadians 16 and older use the Internet regularly • Commercialimperativessuggest that having the right speed of connectivityprovides the ultimate home experience - the person who has technology is "in the light" - Having the right gear is an advantage • Digital divides: factors separating the iHaves from the iHavenots - Age - Interest - Income - Connectivityability (based on geographical location) • Having high speed internet service at home is essential (debateable - is this a luxury or an essential service?) Always-on lifestyles,ambient connectivity,cloud computing Smartphones: are they a luxury or a necessity? • Employerscan have a digital leash on you • The "tethered life" from being always on/reach-able • Nomophobia → fear of losing your phone Cloud computing stimulates need for smartphonesand laptops [ex] Calendar in the phone Homeworkin the cloud Music on more than one device Workshifting:agile productivity + data security • Productivitywhile you're moving Web 1.0: email, IM, eCommerce Email: Used for professional communicationbetween individuals and their workplace,educational institutions, etc. • Regular email-ers - The younger demographic is not using email as much as older people, but they are still using it. • Facebook email will not displace email - it's not as professional • 63% of teens text every day • Just 39% make or take daily phone calls IM MSN is being displaced by Skype • Easier to find people • Built-in web cams • Skype can be connected to home phone - internationality eCommerce First steps laid by eBay and - convinced consumers that it is safe to put credit card First steps laid by eBay and - convinced consumers that it is safe to put credit card numbers online. Web 2.0: social networks, blogs, crowdsourcing(wikis) More people, more participation, more equal access Crowdsourcing: Wikipedia: a self correcting mass participation technology Blogs (through google or wordpress) • Maximize search engine optimization Tumblr is pushing into web 3.0 - the emergenceof the visual web • Eye candy is prevalent component Socialnomics,economies of sharing, virality Hierarchy of content sharing: More and less effort to share in different ways • Fraction of selection theory of media use - How much effort to you have to expend - what rewards will you get for this effort 1) Easiest thing to share: status update - what we're thinking, not expecting much in return 2) Found objects: If you find something that's great and you share it, you expect something back in return 3) Original user-generated content - creating something from scratch • Currently easier to capture and share original content • If brands make it easy, you are more likely to upload user generated content - Just Dance appvert: Autodance syncs dance movesto a song so users want to upload and share their videos while simultaneouslyexposing Just Dance3 brand It is almost mainstream for people to be more active online because it isn't that difficult to share original stuff Virality The FOMO factor - You don't want to be the only person who hasn't seen the video your friends are talking about Ingredients of virality 1) Simple message 2) Emotionallyprovocative 3) Effortless to share - purpose built to share - located on YouTube, not locked on personal blogs 4) High Budget [ex] Roller Babies commercial SOCIAL COMMERCE Groupon, karma, social gifting, ebay,, living social, polyvore,shopcade • Fewer people are interested in daily deals (Groupon) • Social recommendationengines are required for it to work 110 gifts/minute sold on eBay during the holiday season Online shopping: Alberta is the providence mostlikely to shop online for holiday gifting • More and more people are participating in online shopping - Black Friday and Cyber Monday eCommerceis expected to have generated more revenue than Canadian Boxing Day • eCommerceand mCommercesales are increasing year over year • Social site click through sales are down (35% yoy) - Lack on conversionon Twitter and Facebook - However,social media is not built for this purpose - However,social media is not built for this purpose - Social media is not about actual direct sales, but rather PR, positive reviews/WOM, and awareness Benefits of social media: not necessarily all about direct sales • Increase brand exposure • Drive website traffic • Provide marketinsight • Consumer intelligence • Generate sales leads • Bolster loyalty programs Socializingcustomer relations management (CRM) • Social listening - Handling customers relations online - Listening to your customers on line, and responding through a continuous feedback loop in real time Datamining, hypertargetting [ex] KLM Airline database marketing in partnership with Foursquare: hyper-targeting based on your digital footprint - they gave you a personal gift at the airport that was personalized based on datamining of your Foursquare and other social media profiles • So-lo-mo model • Database marketing: you are tagged in KLM's photo, so this marketing stunt is distributed throughout your entire network • Datamining: gaining customer intelligence - Privacy invasion or digitally innovative? Personalization, demassification/masscustomization Personalization:Data mining inspiration engine suggests travel possibilites • Possible privacy invasion • Interested in trading privacy for relevance • Recommendationengine powered by friends • Suggests where you should go next based on your online - personal and relevant advertising Social WOM/ recommendations & reviews Powerof social recommendations:Geographical advertising • Peer to peer word of mouth does movefoot traffic (Yelp recommendationsite) • In an age when everyonecan be an online critic, ratings have never been more important. • Half a star can make a difference - 20% more likely to sell out during peak times • Recommendationpollution: fakety fakes - We trust our friends (peer influence marketing - brands need
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