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Film and Media
FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

Week 4 Lecture Public Relations Agenda 1) Media relations 2) Branding 3) Social word of mouth Public Relations People design & execute communication strategy for publics internal and publics that are external  Publics = suppliers, investors, employees, clients, consumers  Public relations work really close with journalists Media Relations  Pizza Pizza PR folks did a study:  Bosch Survey finds top 5 reasons your dishwasher is making noise in your marriage  Social Media Press Releases (creating your own media empire) A brand is not… Trademark Logo Tagline Spokesperson Trade character Message Advertisement A brand is the accumulation of collective perceptions  Brand Values: manliness, dangerous, wild for harley-davidson Lovemarks (brands with STATUS) = Walt Disney, Coca Cola, Apple, Tim Hortons, Nintendo, Mcdonalds, Kraft, Grey Goose, Starbucks Brand Charisma  “Brands must be infused with novel perspectives, resources & identities on a continuous basis to keep consumer attraction strong. Involves creating a new brand associations to help the brand stay relevant.”  The New Media Landscape has 3 parts: Paid, Earned & Owned Media  When you add up all of those parts: Integrated Marketing
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