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Film240 Week 9 - Movies

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Film and Media
FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

Week 9: Movies Agenda:  History and Genres  Distribution and Exhibition  Marketing Movies Film history and genre sampler  Cultural storytelling, Hollywood is an important industry to story tell  Vertically integrated, controlling production and distribution  When we look at classic Hollywood cinema, 1940’s and 50’s – studio era o In the 20’s and 30’s many celebrities like today getting into trouble  Mae West in I’m No Angel  Always pushing envelope with sexual innuendo in films o The industry in the studio era was to adopt the studio era, cleaning up Hollywood  Production code:  No portrayal of criminals or sinners  No swearing, gratuitous violence  No nudity, lusty kisses  No bathroom humour, drug use, prostitution  No homosexuality  No race mixing  Trying to avoid the government senor by taking control of it themselves  Film Noir: Dark, Crime, Mystery, film about the underside of the American dream  They had to work around this code, so they could still have their stories  The post man always rings twice 1946: The femme fatal will stylize her so she will have long objects, cigarette, lipstick, venetian vines so it feels like they are trapped.  She will use her sexuality to get ahead o Neo-Noir: 1990’s: Same conventions, because they aren’t working under the code they have more sexuality and violence  Lots of Froid theories Musical Comedy: 1950’s o Before war we saw many Americans going to movies from 90M to 16M o Bankable stars: extremely beautiful men and woman who were young and sexual, and good PR o Elvis and Marilyn Monroe o Feel Good Films o 1957 – jail hose rock First time people started to realize teenagers were an important audience o Rock and roll films were made to appeal to teens  Highest Grossing Life Action Musical : $188M Grease, $170M Chicago, Les Mis, Mama Mia Blaxploitation 1970’s:  Exploiting a need in the market  Social unrest, and a new market of Hollywood and they took advantage of this to make low budget movies to 1975 that showed in black urban communities  All black casts  White production crew  Highly stylized, big cars,
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