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Film240 Week 10 - Music

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FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

Week 10 MusicAgenda1 Music genres 2 Promoting music 3 Consuming musicWe are looking at the political economy of the pop music valueMusic and IdentityWe prefer styles of music that reflect our personality you are what you listen toWe use music to communicate to others about ourselvesIdentifying with the values of that music communityEach music type has its own IconographyExample filming an electronic music what kind of footage would we use for the dance sceneso Young people o Lights o Narrative o Counter culture scenesHip Hop Video o Cars o Money o Dancersfemale curvy o BlingCountry Music Video o Open roads o Truck o Accent o Beautiful outdoor environment Music and PleasurePowerful because it triggers memories of being with friends during that songPop music forms the soundtrack of our youth it means that young people tend to consume more popular music so that the pop tracks of an era will take you back to your teens This happens for every generationMoral Panic Music and Pleasure panics about music and young people in every generationRock music50s pys adelic60s Goth70sRap90sNot just the audio but as well as the visual that goes along with them Research result46 its unlikely that images of sexy people make us feel bad about our selfconfidence
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