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Lecture 3

Film 240 Week 3 - Advertising

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Film and Media
FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

Week Three: Advertising Part 1: Consumer culture and advertising is around us all the time.  Advertising is part of our lifestyle  Advertising becomes ambient  Many do not notice ads anymore, usually extremely repetitive o 84% millennials say they don’t notice ads on social sites  In game ads – product placement o Increase realism o Non intrusive  25% household spending when Gatorade was in sports game  Researchers say you only need a half a second exposure for brand recall Product intergration  Property brothers: Rona, home depot, sears, Homesense  Top chef: high end appliances, kitchen air  Project Runway: luxury brands, clothing, hair care Apple has a relationship with Hollywood. Researchers found in 2011 apple products appearing in %42 of Hollywood films.  Popular culture productions in this class are all advertisement supported. We will talk about advertising every week If advertising is entertaining it will not be considered as advertisement: example super bowl trailers. Mobile Applications that are developed by brands and consumed by us, could be a game or app.  Example Beverly Wilshire hotel: able to book room service, spa appointment, call valet, make reservations.  Kraft: Give you recipe videos, shopping list, budget  Coloursmart: Take a picture and see what colour paint would work  BMW: game get your car out of the traffic jam and when you win you get a better car. Aspirational game A picture is worth a thousand words: 243,000 photos uploaded every minute on facebook Mobile optimized visual content: breakout trend for 2012 Pinterest is being a ecommerce website the CEO is saying that more brands should be changing the layout to grids. Browsing on pinterest is an easy experience. We are platform agnostic, we would rather look at sears pictures on pinterest then ugly sears website layout. We have layout expectations. New expectations of relevance: Google is responsible for increasing our intolerance because Google’s serves up relevant and permission based and timely. If I Google running shoes all my ads on the side have to do with running shoes. They are giving you more options. Social Advertising is the default: They have to have some social component in their campaign. In 2013 50% of teens impacts all their purchases, Facebook. 2 : Twitter 3 Instagram. When our friends recommend a product we are more likely to remember it and purchase it. Permission marketing: Diesel: opt in SMS Interruption Advertising: texts to you offering you advertising. 1/6 Canadian will scan a QR code this month  Mobile marketing: restaurants in Vancouver. Barcode on menu, nutritional info, where it’s grown etc. MasterCard: QR codes in theatre, if you want to order popcorn you can scan the code and pay on your card and get your food delivered. Digital discoverability:
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