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Lecture 4

Film240 Week 4 – Public Relations

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Film and Media
FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

240 Week 4 – Public Relations Part One: PR Practice o Advertising is ambiguous o Usually PR marketing is good you don’t realize it is advertising. o In PR you are busy executing communication strategies between the execs and the management who have hired you and their publics. Both internal – employees union stockholder and external public = consumers, government Media Relations:  Classic PR relationships  Pitching stories, press release  Good at handling reporters and bloggers  Twitter just came up with IPO – Press release through twitter  Instead of putting out press release get covered through public service announcement. Posters and Videos. Reporter – Ready Media Kit  Photos  Fact Sheets  Pull Quotes  Charts/stats  Story Ideas  Expert Sources Online Press Center – Online Media Room  Coca Cola - Embeddable videos, contact information, high res photos  GM - press only, quotes you can cut and copy, quotable audio pieces Markeying Mix – Marketing and Communications  New media landscape PAID, OWNED, EARNED. P.O.D. PAID  Advertising – publicity that you pay for o Display or broadcast ads  Newsletter o Pay per click search ads  Bing o Advertorials  Editorials in magazine. Looks like content but its advertisment o Sponsorships  Mostly sports  Non profit fundraiser events OWNED – content owned by brand  Social Media Pages o Leafing, they can block you out easily  Websites and Apps  Sponsored Tweet  YT Video EARNED – Media that a brand influences but does not control – Involves Shared Media  Online Communities  Amateur videos  Blog Posts  Fan Photos  Shared media is like putting something on Facebook, which means social networking. The publicity is earned through sharing. PART 2: Branding PR FOLKS CREATE  Trade characters for the company/brand. The most recognizable is the one from our childhood – Target Market  Iconic Logo  A BRAND IS NOT JUST o A trademark o Logo o Spokesman o Trade character o Message o Advertisement  ITS COMPOSED OF COLLECTIVE PERCERTIONS The
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