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FILM240 Week 1 - Media Convergence in the Digital Era

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Film and Media
FILM 240
Sidney Eve Matrix

Photo figure: Dafont Pictaculous Technical convergence: Magazine articles, News music newspaper on technological devices Massification: mainstreaming taste: Choice fatique: every magazine is available on any topic. Digitzation affects people who use media: Long tail content content and the discoverability dilemma: buy a book, then online, helping amazon and auther out concentration of ownership - There is less choice because its up to the big companies - Big companies get bigger from buying smaller ones Bell bought astra because bell wanted it because astra owned radio stations across the country and television channel. They would also own HBO Canada, which was the main want. * Point- bell felt like they needed HBO because they felt they couldn’t compete against Netflix. Bell needed it because yahoo, youtube, amazon are disturbing many show in the Canadian market.  They were known as “dumb pipes” – they turn something on, and they didn’t have to worry about producing anything. They are NOT dumb pipes anymore because youtube makes branded channels. “youtube original channels” AKA the very very best of company’s. ( a VIP experience) Arrested Develeopment: 10% of the views watched all of the episodes in the first 24hours that it was released. Bell Media: Great Content is what matters. We will go anywhere that is easiest for that content i.e. Youtube, Netflix, torrent. PART THREE: MODES OF ENGAGEMENT The place and the time where media was available was up to the distributor or producer. Event programing: broadcast on demand – Olympics, concerts, sports, reality Control Revolution: content anytime on any channel on any device 1/3 media minutes is mobile. We also want highly personalized media mix, Netflix and youtube remember what we have watched and makes suggestions. Takes personal info and makes personal choices. Producers and distributes were afraid of these mobile devices and Internet would take away from traditional uses. But people use more than one screen at a t
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