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Lecture 3

FILM 240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Conspicuous Consumption, Mobile Marketing, Trade Dress

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FILM 240
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FILM240 2014 Queen’s University
Lecture 03: Advertising Outline (subject to revision)
Ubiquitous and ambient marketing messages (and ad
Consumer environment
Surrounded by advertising messages, become part of our
everyday life, we hardly notice them,
Ambient part of our environment, ignore ads around us
because it is routine, messages become part of cultural
Messages mediate our relationships
Messages have impact on how we see ourselves and each
Repetition of ambient messages makes brand more familiar to
oFamiliar vs. likable
oWhen things are more likable, we are more likely to buy
Familiar does not mean likable
Some people say that because they ignore ads, it doesn’t
a/ect them
oThird person e#ect
oAdvertisements don’t bother me, they a/ect everyone
Brand integration and product placement
In game advertising

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Non intrusive
More realistic advertising
oGame industry setting expectations for the way that
commercial messages become part of line and
connected experience, part of everyday life
oBest in game ads
Provide branded entertainment experience
Not interrupting game play
Eg branding on cars, sports players
Similar to real world experiences
Saturated branded experience, all over the game
Deep product integration
Half a second exposure to in game advertising in
order to remember it
Brand recalling
Dynamic ad
Don’t have to buy billboard ad that is 7xed
and static
Buy ad space in games that can be altered
Product placement
oMake sense in an era where we are adept to skipping
oAd avoidance
Deep product integration because we skip ads
oProduct integration
Show companies going to product companies to
have them featured in the show

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Relevant product placements for relevant shows
Product placement shows the audience they are
trying to appeal to
Eg candy featured in superman
Targeting children
Content marketing
Popular culture productions are ad supported
oMedia forms all rely on ads to keep them in business
oReliance on advertisers
oDeep relationship between advertisers and content
Content advertising
Separate advertisements from content
Focus on content analysis
Advertisements are content
High budget ads are seen as news worthy events
oEg celebrity endorsements
Best ads
oAds that people actually want to share and consume
oWhy do we share ads
Best ads are status update worthy
Eg sharing a cool ad, adding value to our network
Makes us look cool
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