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FILM 250 Lecture Notes - Reaction Shot

Film and Media
Course Code
FILM 250
Derek Redmond

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Film 250 - Sept 27
Rule of thirds :
Significant difference: the most important. The new shot needs to be different then the
shot previous to it. When you have a significant different shot, the viewer is not focused
on whether or not it is in continuity or not. (walking down the stairs,then shot to feet,
them he is at the end of the stairs)
Direction of axis: establishing an axis of direction with the way in which character is
moving, looking etc.
!axis change - move the camera, or let character cross the frame. Think about
how you can change the axis to make a sequence more interesting, dynamic, and allow
it to differentiate from the previous shot.
Types of close ups:
1) insert - part of the actions
2) cutaway - something of least importance, and am addition to the shot
3) reaction shot - allows for for understanding in a scene, allowing for further
progression in the scene.
Close up shot
Point of view shot
Reaction shot
How to avoid accidental jump cuts:
1) significant difference
2) cutaways, reaction shots
3) exit and enter the frame
4) remember screen direction
5) overlap the action
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