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FILM 250 - Script Writting

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Film and Media
FILM 250
Derek Redmond

IMPRESS ME By Brody Hatch Brody Hatch Unit 15G - 244 Sir John A Macdonald Blvd. K7M 5W9, Kingston, Ont. (613)985-8261 [email protected] INT. UNION ART GALLERY - MID AFTERNOON LUCY is wearing a beautiful red hood that flows from the back of her head and sprouts around the WHITE box she sits on. She sits comfortably with her legs crossed, reading a white hardcover novel with the title "IMPRESS ME" in RED font. She is surrounded by all white walls. As she continues to read she sucks on a RED LOLLIPOP. Her lipstick a vivid RED colour, in the shape of a small heart, stands out on her BLACK and WHITE painted face that mimics that of a mime. The room is pretty much empty with only three or four LARGE WHITE and BLACK boxes that appear to have no purpose. LUCY continues to peruse through her book. She appears to be unimpressed with what she is reading, yet continuing to read in hopes for something worth reading. As LUCY’S eyes continue to be fixated on her book... REVERSE DOLLY SHOT JACK is revealed behind one of the LARGE WHITE boxes that are sporadically placed throughout the room. He is sitting with his back flat against the WHITE box. His legs are bent straight up and his elbows fixated on top of his knee caps. He firmly grasps a WHITE hardcover novel with the title "HOW TO IMPRESS" in BLACK font. JACK is wearing perfectly tied black shoes, with a BLACK crew neck t-shirt, and a BLACK jean supported by WHITE suspenders. Over his left side of his chest is a FOAM RED HEART. His face is painted BLACK and WHITE to mimic that of a mime - much like LUCY. JACK glances away from his book and peers over his right shoulder at LUCY who is intently reading her novel. Most of his face is hidden behind the WHITE box as he peers over to her, only showing from the top of the nose and up. LUCY nonchalantly glances over to see JACK staring at her. LUCY displaying no emotion looks back to her book - moving only her eyes and not her head. JACK quickly turns back around to his original place.JACK glances back at the book in his hands, NODS and places the book on the floor beside him. INT. UNION ART GALLERY - CONTINUOUS JACK gets up and starts to walk across the room to LUCY with his hand in front of him holding a medium sized WHITE box tied with a velvet RED bow. As he walks nervously, he avoids eye contact with her. JACK approaches her at eye level, standing a close two-feet away from her. LUCY slowly brings book down to her lap and looks at JACK - again with no emotion. JACK presents the gift to her bashfully, and opens (CONTINUED) CONTINUED: 2. the top of the gift with one continuous motion. Inside, a fresh RED ROSE for LUCY. She glances down, then back up, raises one eyebrow, and brings the book back to her face completely unimpressed by JACK. He closes the box, turns around, and retreats back to where he was sitting. JACK picks up the WHITE novel beside him and flips the page. His face looking defeated, quickly turns to joy. He excitingly places the book down beside him once again. INT. UNION ART GALLERY - CONTINUOUS JACK peers back out from the TOP of the box, again showing the top of his nose and up. He PAUSES. Then continues to reveal himself from behind the box holding another gift. He walks over to LUCY. She repeats putting her book down slowly however this time looking a little irritated. JACK opens the gift. As she opens it, JACK’S face is squinting in hop
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