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FILM 312
Francis Leeming

Brody Hatch 06351916 Screenwriting 312 th October 17 2012 Character Biography Kierra was born and diagnosed of mental retardation on August 12 , 1997. First daughter of loving and accepting parents Marcus & Lehanne. They knew that with Kierra’s diagnosis that they would need to accept a lifestyle that would require constant supervision over their daughter. Kierra was never placed into a public school nor did she have any friends – she has only ever seen a child on a tv screen, but never in person. She was homeschooled with a specific tutor and supervised while her parents were at work. She was a relatively happy child then with such an imagination that could make the designs on the kitchen floor tiles turn into the world’s most fascinating maze. At age seven, Kierra’s parent perished in the fall of the 9/11 tragedies and was taken custody over by her aunt Jude. Jude, a newly wedded wife to her husband Craig, felt she had to do take custody, however never wanted a child nor did Craig. Within five-months of looking a
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