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Pols250 Winter term notes secret slides part 5- LAST LECTURE(karl Marx).docx

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French Studies
FREN 320
Normand Perreault

Pols250 Winter term notes secret slides part 5 (Karl Marx)  Secret slide 1 o Marx and morality  4 positions  1) thought that the relation between capitalists and workers was just. o Wants to support the idea of morality as an ideology o Highlights the fact that justice is an idea imposed by the ruling class. o He has textual evidence of this o Critics: says marx was being sarcastic  2) thought that it was unjust o Adopting the future view of a communist society  3) Marx thought it was both just and unjust, that is just in one respect and unjust in another o Just in the fact of morality as an ideology o Unjust in that it is oppression (concepts of exploitation and alienation  4) thought it was neither just nor unjust  Secret slide 2 o Recall humes circumstances of justice  1) moderate sanctity of goods (justice becomes possible and necessary)  Marx argues that we can transcend this because he believes that once this happens we won’t need justice  2) Humans are between Devils and Saints  When we are in middle we create government and laws  Marx believes humans ar
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