GEOL 104 Lect8

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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 104
Michael T.Mc Bride

StalactiteroofStalagmiteground DolostoneThe dominant carbonate mineral found in dolostones is dolomiteDolostones form from lime stones by replacement from magnesium bearing watersThis is supported by the fact that we find very few young dolostonesDolostones have Magnesium and occassionally the magnesium is replaced by iron ChertMade of silicaOccurs as irregularly shaped nodules usually in limestonealso occurs as tabular layers formed by the decomposition of volcanic ashvarieties include flint and jasperWe can call it quartz as they are made of the same thingChalk is an example of limestone a lot of the time chalk is the outer layer of chert IronstonesThese are extremely rich in iron bedding mineralsMany branded ironstones formed about two billion years agoI ron was soluble in a reducing atmospherewhen oxygen started being mass produced and
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