GEOL 104 Lect6

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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 104
Michael T.Mc Bride

HeatGeothermal gradient is 25C per kilometreHeat is needed to speed up chemical reactionsMetamorphism occurs at about 100C to 800Cabove 800C we have meltingSometimes the geothermal gradient isnt followed such as when a PressureLithostatic confining pressure is applied equally in all directions in the Earths crust due to the weight of overlaying rocksthus pressure increases with depthMetamorphism occurs between 1kbar and 12kbarConfining pressure increases at a rate at about 250bars per kmDirected pressure is NOT equal in all directionsForms foliated rocksCan occur with two plates coming together Fluid activitySources of fluidwater trapped in pores of sedimentary rocks during formation fluids released by chemical reactionsdehydration of water bearing minerals like gypsumvolatile fluids from magmaThese fluids enhance the
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