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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 104
Michael T.Mc Bride

Metamorphic Halo or Aureole Width of aureole depends on depth temperature size and composition of the intrusiomn as well as composition of the surrounding country rockNew minerals may formMetamorphic intensity decreases with distance away from the plutoncontact metamorphic rocks are massive not foliatedpure minerals cant form new minerals but impure ones canHigher intensity the closer you are to a plutonHalo is used for extremely minor baked zone Dynamic Cataclastic Metamorphism occurs along fault zonesdue to directed pressiure along faultrocks are crushed and groundLittle heat involved except frictionForms mylonte Reginal Metamorphismmst metamorphic rock results from regionalmetamorphism which occurs over a large areaFormed by high temperatures and pressure deep within the crust often at roots of mountain beltsrocks are compressed and often deformeddirect pressure often causes foliationSize
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