GEOL 104 Lect25

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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 104
Michael T.Mc Bride

Hot springsBrings hot water to the surfaceGeothermal gradientwater goes to depth before dischargeHot rocks near the surfaceyellowstone iceland new zealand etc Geysersbrings hot water and steam to the surface at intervalsWater fills subsurface cavities and is heatedBoiling point increases with depth reaching 230C at 300m depthsomewhere within the piping system of the geyser water reaches the boiling point and a little system is producedSince steam takes more volume a little water is psyched out of the geyserdue to the water outflow pressure is reduced and thus boiling point is reducedlarge amounts of water suddenly flash to steam and eruption occursand then it happens againnote take note of the importance of pressure in this system Artesian SpringsWater bubbles to the surface due to a fault Well diagramsshow a cone of depressionshow the drawdown show the original
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